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Our classes move away from the traditional school model. Instead, they include lively, engaging and interactive sessions that include everything from games and craft to stories and songs following a similar model of a Montessori school for English courses.

Here’s how the program breaks down:

  • Four levels based on a ‘spiral’ topic-based syllabus, becoming more challenging as your child progresses. Each level represents a minimum of 72 hours teaching.
  • Levels break down into 12 separate units. Every unit is based on a different episode of Pingu.

At each level, your child will be taught a range of new words, spellings, grammatical tips, helping to broaden their vocabulary understand the words in context. This method, in tandem with the spiral syllabus and multimedia resources, helps to confirm what’s already been learned, and encourages your child to communicate with confidence.


Each unit of the Pre-school English program is based on a classic Pingu episode, nurturing your child’s imagination and helping them learn in a way that ensures the knowledge will last a lifetime.

The syllabus includes three distinct levels. Here’s an overview of the course structure:

  • Level 1 – 12 Units – 72 Teaching Hours
  • Level 2 – 12 Units – 72 Teaching Hours
  • Level 3 – 12 Units – 72 Teaching Hours
  • Level 4 – 12 Units – 72 Teaching Hours
  • Total – 48 Units – 288 Teaching Hours

The syllabus includes:

  • Topics
    • Greetings
    • Family
    • Toys
    • Food
    • Household
    • Colors/Numbers
  • Word Types
    • Verbs
    • Nouns
    • Pronouns
    • Adjectives
    • Adverbs
  • Key Learning Areas
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Listening
    • Speaking


Learning Materials

Pingu’s English provides a valuable selection of high-quality learning resources to assist the learning process, including:

  • Story Book 1&2, Story CD 1&2, Song Book 1 and Song CD 1
  • Teacher’s resources (Pinguland mat, figurines, letters and numbers DVD, flashcards)
  • Worksheets from lesson plan to help with activities at home

Home Learning

With Pingu’s English, parents don’t need to have a knowledge of the English language in order for their child to learn. We will offer suggestions throughout the course to help your child keep learning while at home, regardless of your grasp of the English language.

Pingu’s English is the best way to give your tot a head-start in education by providing them with a vital English language skill that they will keep for life.

Formal Certification of English Language Achievement

Upon completion of your chosen Pingu’s English course, your child will be given a Certificate of Achievement. This helps to fill them with confidence and reinforce what they’ve learned, as well as indicating the skills learned to future education providers.


All Pingu’s English courses are taught by accurately trained native teachers.

Pingu’s English is more than just an English language course; it’s a complete learning system for teachers and kindergartens to use.

That’s why Pingu’s English has dedicated Teacher’s Manuals with dedicated lesson plans, a Teacher’s Guide and flashcards to support you in the classroom.

These provide essential teaching resources and classroom advice to ensure children learn English in a fun, positive and rewarding environment.

Teacher’s Manuals

Each level of Pingu’s English has a comprehensive Teacher’s Manual, with detailed teaching plans for each unit of study. In addition they:

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of the teaching and methodology
  • Explain in detail the differences in the four Pingu’s English class types
  • Contain other useful reference documents to assist teachers in their delivery of Pingu’s English; including vocabulary tables, skills charts, and scripts from the DVD materials.

Teacher’s Guide

Teacher’s Guide

The Teacher’s Guide gives an overview of the course and introduces the aims, syllabus and principles behind Pingu’s English. It also:

  • Provides full description of each of the course components and how they’re used
  • Offers general advice and tips on how to encourage each child to practise and use their new skills
  • Includes classroom management advice on working with young children.

Teacher’s Flashcards

These are particularly important for visual learners. Over 330 Flashcards are available to present, practise and recycle the key vocabulary learned by the children. They’re an invaluable aid to encourage visual and spoken recognition of new words learnt within the course.

Teacher Zone

You’ll also have access to an online Teacher Zone providing valuable teaching resources needed to teach Pingu’s English effectively and easily.

Pingu’s English Authors

Course Development Team

The Pingu’s English syllabus, course structure and learning methodology were developed by a team of leading English language learning and child education experts, and are published exclusively by the Linguaphone Group.

Dr. Diana Hicks – Curriculum Designer and Course Writer

Diana Hicks has over 30 years of experience as a teacher, trainer, author, and language and curriculum consultant. A qualified preschool and secondary school teacher, Diana has been writing English language textbooks for children for more than 25 years. She has a particular interest in the development of reading and writing skills in English for students whose mother tongue is expressed in a different script.

Daisy Scott – Video Script Writer, Story Writer and American English Consultant

Daisy’s most recent work has been a writer on the American PBS networked children’s program Arthur and Peep’s – the latter won an Emmy Award for its inaugural season. She has also been a consultant on Zoom and Ready to Learn. All these are television programs aimed at pre-school children.

Mike Raggett – Creative Director

Mike is an experienced creator of the audio-visual components for English Language Training (ELT) courses at all levels. Mike has written and produced many other ELT videos, activity books and interactive-based programs for children, teenagers and young adults.

Online Test

Test Zone

Many English language courses wait until the end of training to test your students. That’s too late to discover if more training is needed! In our Test Zone, you’ll find online tests written specifically for the course.

Teachers can also view a child’s test results at any time online so you can monitor a child’s progress and their understanding of the English they’ve learned and identify areas of difficulty for the parent/guardian.